Ledia Carroll – Topo Lounge

Topo Lounge, Proposal for Arthouse Lounge. Fall 2004. Proposed Materials: Soil, 1/2 inch Coreten steel.

This piece was part of a show of wild proposals for the interior at Arthouse at the Jones Center for Contemporary Art in Austin, Texas. It was designed to make evident the original more hilly grade of the land before the building was constructed. I proposed adding material to grade the floor of the gallery to match the slope of the hillside on which it sits. In doing this, the outdoor and indoor space become linked, contextualizing the gallery in the local environment, socially and topographically. The plan was to raise the floor for part of the gallery to a slope that exactly matches that of the landscape outside. I gathered this information from GIS and USGS topographical data at various points in time.

Topo Lounge! Proposal