Ledia Carroll – Topo Floor

Topographical Map of Part of the Floor at 1:1 Scale. Summer 2004, Laser level, chalk, vinyl tape. Dimensions vary

In this piece I used a laser level to identify grade changes, which I marked in chalk. I then drew contour lines at1/16 inch vertical intervals. As on a USGS map, topography is shown by contour lines that follow the ground surface at a constant elevation. These lines are usually imaginary in that they are drawn on maps only. By drawing the map on the floor at a 1:1 scale these lines became visible directly on the terrain they described. The unchanged floor now no longer appeared flat. As subtle shifts in elevation were revealed from the original concrete pour, the floor now seemed to undulate slightly. Versions of this piece were shown at the Galveston Arts Center and in Austin at the Creative Research Lab.

Topo Floor Map