Ledia Carroll – Miss Rockaway Armada

The Miss Rockaway Armada is a group of approximately 25 performers and artists from all over the country including members of the Toyshop Collective, Visual Resistance, The Amateurs, The Floating Neutrinos, The Infernal Noise Brigade, The Madagascar Institute and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. July 2006 we converged in Minneapolis to construct a flotilla of rafts that journeyed down the Mississippi River. We stopped in towns along the way, hosting musical performances and vaudeville variety-theater in the evenings, along with workshops and skill-shares centered around arts and environmental issues during the day. In our travels we have intended to share stories and to solicit dialogue around subversive and constructive ways of living. We are a group of intrepids who believe in a hands-on, live-by-example approach to creating change within our culture. We are taking cues from Johnny Appleseed, traveling medicine shows, nomadic jewel box theater, and of course that old radical Mark Twain.

For more information & images see www.missrockaway.org

Nice NYT article by David Carr at http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/09/arts/09arma.htm