Ledia Carroll – Meniscus Set

Meniscus Set, Spring 2004, Fabricated steel.12x12x12

The Meniscus set is a series of six steel structures exploring ideas about level and the meniscus skin formed on the surface of contained water. I was wondering, is it possible to make a double meniscus, that is a meniscus within a meniscus? I am still working on these. I just had another set of them cut in glass from a chemistry lab that I need to put together. This work is part of my ongoing experiments related specifically to the measure of horizontal level, a measure based on water, which is itself a self-leveling system. Level is interesting to me because it is a measure that functions over large spaces, is visible to the naked eye, but at the same time may or may not be apparent to the individual observer. Turned loose, water finds its own course through land. It is a self-organizing system that defines watersheds for example.

Meniscus Set