Ledia Carroll – Liminal Walk

Liminal Walk. In collaboration with Leah Davis. Spring 2005. Location: University of Texas at Austin, East Mall Fountain. Materials: Fabricated Steel

The piece creates a path through the center of the Winship Fountain, at Winship bus circle in front of the Theater Building. The piece intends to address two boundary conditions, 1) allowing a person to walk on the boundary between air and water which you normally cannot walk on and 2) by simply inviting a person to walk through the fountain, challenging the social boundary of don’t-walk-in-the-fountain. The area of Winship circle is a focal point of movement and paths. The installation intends to create an experience of unexpected possibility within the everyday walk through campus. The everyday walk involves the straight paths in the grid of the campus, broken only by going around a fountain briefly. Typically the walk through Winship circle causes the walker to walk up to then around the fountain. Our installation intends to allow a view into the spatial conscription that exists in our walks within campus, creating a moment out of everyday time. We are calling attention to the everyday straight path through campus by heightening that experience of the straight path, inviting people to walk straight through the fountain. The massive piece is constructed of steel grating and structural members to form a catwalk type assembly.

Liminal Walk