Ledia Carroll – Inland Sea

Inland Sea Summer/Fall 2005 Austin Museum of Art Fall 2005 Dallas Contemporary Spring 2006 Galveston Art Museum

Materials: Materials: Clear PVC pipe and fittings, custom cast resin fittings, window glass, pumps, water.

In this installation for the Austin Museum of Art’s “22 to Watch” show, I used a pump to pull water from the fountain outside the museum. In a continuous process the water flows through the interior panes of the pipe and recirculates, recollecting in the fountain’s catch basin. Water flows through over 200 feet of clear PVC pipe and clear fittings (some of the more special pieces which I hand cast), through custom cut holes in the window glass of the museum, through walls, through loops of pipe inside the museum, then back out where it came, returning the water to the fountain. The water makes a beautiful sound moving through the pipes which was unexpected and really delightful thing about the piece.

The piece is a kind of a section, like an architectural section, how you don’t see the innards of a building typically and even though these are not the preexisting innards, the piece has that quality. And I am bringing these innards, this flow, up and through, revealing it through the gallery space. The museum had originally invited me to do a mapping piece. I consider this a mapping piece in that I am creating an exchange between the indoors and outdoors in a blurring of art and architecture.

Installed differently at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art and Galveston Art Museum

Inland Sea Inland Sea, interior shot Inland Sea Inland Sea Inland Sea