Ledia Carroll – Bonneville Ice

Bonneville Ice, Fall 2003, 24 x 36 digital prints

These photographs document blocks of ice, staged by the artist, melting over an 8-hour period at the Bonneville Salt Flat, a dry lake bed in Utah

At the time I took these photos, I was making structures out of snow and ice in order to observe what forms the dumping would create, to observe the deterioration and to be in the time as I observed the deterioration. Here, on the Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah, I built a structure with ice blocks to measure time over the course of a day. After setting up the ice, it sat undisturbed taking one full day to melt. The material provided a frame to the experience of the day, taking notes and photographs, and visiting with the few people who came by as it melted. The photos are documentation of the process but also the place such as how the earth on the salt flat reads as ice but is really salt. It was interesting to experience over the course of the day how the ground is so flat that it allows small amounts of water to blow around in drifts of wind.

Bonneville Ice