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From Feb 15, 2008 “After the Watch, Alumni of AMOA’s ‘New Art in Austin’ talk about the exhibition’s impact on their careers” by Rachel Cook http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid%3A591560

“I live in San Francisco now and did a big project called Mission Lake Project, which was sponsored by Southern Exposure. The project took a full year to happen. I am now working on another project about the former sand dunes that used to be all over San Francisco – planning to reconstruct a sand dune in downtown San Francisco and do another bike race with historical checkpoints. San Francisco loves temporary artworks. It seems like part of the culture here. Still doing landscape design professionally, which I have been doing for many years as well. The plants in California are incredible, so that is a treat, and my work takes on a landscape sculpture quality. I am getting interested in working on bigger and more collaborative projects. I think that is going to be the next wave of my artworks. My piece Inland Sea, which I did at AMOA, was an ambitious piece with the water flowing through the museum. It was very cool of AMOA to take that.”

August 9, 2006 “Art Down the Mississippi, At Least that’s The Plan”, David Carr, New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/09/arts/09arma.html

Here is a video from 2011 Miss Rockaway Art Collective at Philadephia Art Alliance https://youtu.be/CDFmFU0cksc

Various, 2006 Mission Lake Project has been featured on many architectural and art blogs including BLDG BLOG and PRUNED

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