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I have practiced landscape design for the last 14 years. I have also worked as a blacksmith assistant. I am an installation artist. My art work deals with topography, the measure of level, and how it is superimposed on the landscape via human built environments. I am interested in design ethnography, relative truth in science and maps, digital media, low tech, linguistics, and landscape architecture. My most recent constructions start with elements of vanished geological history of San Francisco and imagine what it would be like to rebuild them. I have exhibited a number of topographic works. Shows have included earthwork pieces and a series of indoor/outdoor fountains at Austin Museum of Art and Dallas Center for Contemporary Art. A solo show included indoor and outdoor offsite elements for Southern Exposure . More recent work involved installing a sand dune for my piece at SFMOMA and cutting an oculus from the wall at at a nautical show at Philadelphia Art Alliance. I have spent many years building art rafts and creating public performances w art collective Miss Rockaway Armada and Swimming Cities and elsewhere. I taught about aerial photography and topographic maps as a TA for undergraduates at the University of Texas as a TA and for kids at San Francisco’s Zeum.


2005 MFA Design, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

1998 BA Linguistics, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

1994-1996 Media Arts and Sciences Coursework, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Cambridge, MA


2006 to present–More ongoing floating projects, land sculptures, public projects, plans and proposals.

2011 Individual and group pieces in this show Sept 30 2011 to Dec 30 2011

2009 Sand Dune a huge sand dune I was invited to build as part of The Art of Participation, SFMOMA

2006 on Mississippi and to present various locations with Art Collective Miss Rockaway and Swimming Cities, outdoor floating installations and public programming

2006 Solo Show at Gallery and Off-site, Southern Exposure, San Francisco

2005 Landminds, Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe

2005 22 To Watch: New Art in Austin, Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

2005 22 To Watch: New Art in Austin, Galveston Art Center

2005 22 To Watch: New Art in Austin, Austin Museum of Art

2005 Terrestrial Arcs, Plan B Gallery, Austin, TX

2005 Liminal Walk. Offsite piece at University of Texas at Austin’s East Mall Fountain with supporting on-site materials shown in MFA show entitled Plots and Schemes, at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2005 November Double Vision, Old Jail Arts Center, Albany, TX

2004 Group show of wild proposals- LOUNGE! Arthouse at Jones Center for Contemporary Art, Austin, Texas

2004 IN:FORMATION, Creative Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2004 Land Arts of the American West 2003, Creative Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2003 Land Arts of the American West 2003, John Sommers Gallery, the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

2003 Mappings, Colomo, Marfa, TX


August 9, 2006 Art Down the Mississippi, At Least that’s The Plan, David Carr, New York Times

June 2005 Austin Critics Table Nomination, Female Artist of the Year, Austin American Statesman

June 2005 Austin Critics Table Nomination, for show “Terrestrial Arcs”, Austin American Statesman

October 2, 2005 Eye on Austin Artists”, Jeanne Claire Van Ryzin. Austin American Statesman

August 26, 2005 22 to Think About”, Rachel Koper. Austin Chronicle

Spring 2005 Terrestrial Arcs,” by Laura Lindenberger. Artlies

March 2005 Land Art of the American West,” by Eric Zimmerman. Glasstire

August 27, 2004 “Recommended: In::formation at the Creative Research Lab,” by Jacqueline May. Austin Chronicle

January 23, 2004 “Snow in Austin?” by Julie Moody. Morning Edition on KUT 90.5

January 29, 2004 Austin American Statesman, XLNT “Art Project Will Give you the Chills,” News 8 Austin by News 8 Austin Staff.

January 23, 2004 “Project Brings Snow to Sunny Austin,” by Jennifer E. Spencer. Daily Texan

GRANTS/AWARDS 2011 Pew Foundation sponsored Miss Rockaway Armada Show at Philadelphia Art Alliance. Here is a video of some of the outdoor stuff for this project. I worked with on behalf of our collective for two years leading up to the project on getting of this grant which was given to Philadelphia Art Alliance to fund this show

2006, October Southern Exposure, San Francicsco sponsored funded my Mission Lake Project.

2004 Summer New Work Grant, University Co-Op Presents the 2005 David Mark Cohen New Works Festival Committee, University of Texas Department of Theater and Dance

2003-2004 Dean’s Associates Fellowship, College of Fine Arts. University of Texas At Austin

2003-2004 Micheal Aubrey Jones Endowed Scholarship in Art, University of Texas At Austin

2003-2004 Departmental Fellowship, Department of Art and Art History

2004-2005 Marian Royal Kazen Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Art, University of Texas At Austin

2005 Grants to fund Liminal Walk at The Univesity of Texas at Austin included University Co-Op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival, the Powell Endowment for Risk-Taking in the School of Architecture, and the College of Fine Arts, through the Marie and Joseph D.Jamail, Sr. Regents Professorship in Fine Arts

2005 Grants to fund Inland Sea at the Austin Museum of Art

Note: Additionally, many of my projects have involved my procuring elaborate donations and support from diverse entities such as fountain pump suppliers, glass manufacturers, trucking companies, ice manufacturers and so on. These are not grants or awards per se but have significantly contributed to the funding of my art work.


Spoke about my research on the vanished Lago Delores in the Mission on behalf of Southern Exposure at the De Young June 2007

Workshop at San Francisco’s Zeum, Mapping Mania about aerial imagery. March 2006

Current Issues: Girls and Computer Games. Presented at the Society for Feminist Sociologists annual conference, February 1999

XtraOrdinary Interactions. Published in March/April 2000 issue of Interactions, the journal of the Association for Computing Machinery-Society for Computer Human Interaction

Attended April 2000 Conference of the Association for Computing Machinery-Society for Computer Human Interaction, den Haag, the Netherlands to discuss aforementioned research


Landscape Design/ Installation Designer, San Francisco 2005-present Austin, TX 2001-2005

Research, organization, fundraising, marketing, design and installation of large scale outdoor art, architecture, garden and landscape projects. Site-planning, design, fabrication according to blueprints, complex permitting processes, building codes, fire marshals, public art entities, and engineering iterations. Maintained client and contractor relationships, budgets, goals, timelines and permits. Collaborated with wide ranging entities including clients, donors, civil engineers, structural engineers, architects, plumbers, landscapers, and glass and fountain technicians. Preparator work at Austin Museum of Art and Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, installing exhibits. Many projects, most recent work installed at SFMOMA and Southern Exposure. Currently currently managing a $200, 000 grant from the Philadelphia Art Alliance for an art collective I am involved with, The Miss Rockaway Armada to build an upcoming floating installation in Philadelphia.

Researcher and Project Manager, Monkey Media. Austin, TX 2000-2001

Led projects based teams producing user-needs analysis. Designed and conducted focus groups. Orchestrated user testing for Web sites and digital appliance interfaces for marketing and design purposes. Designed and documented information architecture. Clients included Toys R Us, Sega, JC Penneys, and Texas Instruments.

Researcher and Project Manager, Girl Games, Inc. Austin, TX 1998-2000

Working for a boutique market research firm, I designed and directed two-year trend-spotting research on culture and technology preferences among teen girls. Supervised team that conducted focus groups in multiple cities, photo documented, analyzed research data, and authored quarterly reports. Deliverables included quarterly reports and presentations on design issues for clients such as Mattel and Proctor and Gamble.

Research Assistant, Sun Microsystems. Menlo Park, CA 1997

Designed and implemented usability tests for HCI/Usability Labs including competitor products. Managed in consultation with senior lab staff. Compiled and analyzed qualitative and quantitative research data regarding user populations. Authored reports on benchmarking and design for Sun interfaces.

Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA 1994-1996

Interactive Cinema Group as well as some collaboration with Television of Tomorrow Group and Epistemology and Learning Group. Produced segments for interactive documentary including conducting onscreen interviews. Provided technical production assistance. Researched and designed Web component for digital documentary. Provided user support services as liaison with project sponsor, Lotus Corporation. Analyzed research data on conversation and learning in technical contexts.

Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin 2003-2005

Researched and Assisted Teaching of Design History to undergraduates in the Department of Art and Art History