Ledia Carroll – Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Landscapes are self-organizing systems. My work uses measurement to reveal aspects of these internal logics within particular topographies. Current work has been conceptual and documentary in nature but always creates something physical that allows people to experience a shift in perception about an aspect of the surrounding indoor or outdoor landscape.

Whether my projects are indoors or outdoors, my design work is in inserting a method of measurement to draw attention to what already occurs in a place. I use measurement to point out these systems. Some of the strategies I have used include making structures with ephemeral materials (ice) to measure time and the transformation of form. In another project I used a laser level to draw extremely detailed lines on the floor to reveal a seemingly level floor as a complex un-level topography. Another project brings the former hillside inside to show both the built and former topography, allowing people to be in the plan and the section, as well as in multiple places in time at once. I am interested in a mode of inquiry that reveals conditions to people through experience, through direct experience of an artifact or phenomena.

My work asks and answers questions about the world around us. My projects often deal with the measure of level, and how it is superimposed on the landscape via human built environments. These projects could be read as science projects or mapping projects. In some projects the work is an object, in another it is an experience, another it is the documentation of an observed situation.