SFMOMA invited me to install an environmental sculpture in the the Art of Participation show up Dec 18- Feb 18 2009 in the Public White Cube. My Sand Dune was up for a month as intended then in an exquisite corpse style game, four different people won the right to mess with it, add items and make their own thing out of my installation. Here is a link to the audiotour the SFMOMA did and more comments and pics of the dune.

Sand Dune

Here is a photo from my Oct 22, 2007 Mission Lake Project, celebrating the now vanished Mission Lake (AKA known as the Lago Dolores) in the Mission district of San Francisco. More images and information at www.lediacarroll.com/projects/missionlake on this site. I will be talking about the project at a Symposium about public participitory projects at the De Young on May 30, 2007

Mission Lake